Carnegie_pic“Respighi’s later B minor Sonata also turns up in a fine recital by the Kaleidos Duo (violinist Miroslav Hristov and pianist Vladimir Valjarevic) that usefully collects a number of pieces together under the title ‘Italy’s “Generation of 1880″ and Their Disciples’, a reference to the group of Italian composers whose determinedly tonal outlook bucked contemporary trends (Romeo Records 7304). This gifted duo’s urgently spontaneous reading, deeply felt and affectionately phrased, is the emotional nerve centre of a programme that also includes Dallapiccola’s neo-Baroque Tartiniana seconda (an arresting 1956 rethink of Tartini’s A minor Sonata), Ghedini’s dreamily archaic Bizzaria and Rota’s Improvviso, a lively take on Prokofiev (the booklet note is correct in asserting it is nominally based in C as opposed to the listings’ D minor).  Rounding things off in style are Pizzetti’s strikingly inventive Tre canti and two haunting cantos by Malipiero.”

Julian Haylock, The Strad, August 2014