Music Arts Management
offers music booking services to concert series organizers, academic institutions, music festivals, and other performing arts venues. Our artists have performed and taught at the Sofia Music Weeks, The Juilliard School, Eastman School of Music, North Dakota State University, University of Tennessee, University of Central Oklahoma, Yoshi’s Jazz Club, the Kitano, and Carnegie Hall, among many others.

Meet our Advisory Board.


Louis Diez, Ph.D.
(865) 63 00 MAM


Why does Music Arts Management exist?

MAM exists to help create opportunities for current and future master musicians.

How is MAM achieving that?

We provide representation and management services to a select roster of world-class artists.

In addition, we’ve developed two successful products:

ArtsTie Directory, a networking resource that benefits the music community by connecting music performers and experts. After launching in July 2014, over 1,600 artists and music industry experts have signed up. ArtsTie Directory includes an impressive array of talent, with teachers from all major music institutions (i.e. Juilliard, Indiana University), performing arts center executives (i.e. Lincoln Center, The Music Center), and music experts (i.e. music business, music lawyers, consultants, critics).

ArtsTie Exchange, an invitation-only guest artist exchange network for university professors.

How many employees does MAM have?

MAM is led by Louis Diez, an experienced arts manager with background as both a performing musician and administrator. In addition to his work at MAM, he is a section violist with the Knoxville Symphony and Director of the Annual Fund at Maryville College. His writings on creativity in music and higher education have been published by Symposium: the journal of the College Music Society (co-authored with Jacob Hallman).

Our staff is comprised of three additional talented professionals spread around the globe. Their contact information is here.

Since when do you exist?

MAM was founded in 2011 in Knoxville, TN. The first artists to engage our representation services were the Boling, Brown & Holloway trio and trumpeter Marvin Stamm. We still work for them.

I started this company with the purpose of creating opportunities for highly-skilled musicians. Know this:

  • The artists we work with are among the most respected in the industry.
  • If you work in music in the US, there is probably no more than one degree of separation between us. Send me an email and let’s find out who we know in common.
  • I have a proven track record of creating opportunities for great artists and educators.btn_viewmy_160x25
  • MAM has been profitable and well-funded since day 1.
  • Focus: We don’t spread out too thin. MAM keeps a laser-like focus on solving problems for musicians in higher education.

What else do I need to know about ArtsTie Directory?

ArtsTie is a free professional network for music performers and experts. Try it out.


Still haven’t frightened you away?

Please write if you have any additional questions: ldiez@musicartsmanagement.com

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Music Arts Management Description (copy/paste version)

MAM is a booking agency that specializes in creating opportunities for world-class performers that are also outstanding educators. Our artists perform and teach at many universities and performing arts centers in the US.

Our newest projects are: ArtsTie Directory, a free professional network of music performers and experts with over 1,500 artists and music industry executives and ArtsTie Exchange, an invitation-only guest artist exchange network for university professors. We are a fast-growing company that competes on satisfying the needs of highly-skilled musicians.

ArtsTie Directory Description (copy/paste version)

ArtsTie Directory, is a free professional network for music performers and experts. Since launching in July 2015, over 1,600 artists and music industry experts have signed up. Our goal is that it becomes the leading resource for performers and executives looking to connect and create opportunities for great music.